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Party Play

No more lonely adventures!
If you're lonely battling with many, many monsters, join a party and enjoy your adventure with others! It will be easier to get through different obstacles.

How to setup a Party
Type in /organize "Party Name", this will allow you to create a party name with spaces in it up to 23 characters in length. If the name is not taken the party will be formed with you as the leader. Please obey the rules regarding foul language when choosing party names.

Setting Item Share policy
After organizing the party this menu will appear. These settings can only be determined when the party is first made, to change them will require disbanding and remaking party.
How to share items
Determines who can pick up items.
Either normal looting rules (each take)
Anyone in the Party (party share)
Item sharing type
Determines how are items split once picked up.
Person keeps what they pick up (Individual)
Items are distributed randomly to party members (shared)